About Us

About Franklin Candles: An Enchanting Flicker and a Legacy of Light

Welcome to Franklin Candles, where the enchanting flicker of our candles brings to life a legacy of light and innovation. Founded by Orion Franklin and his wife, Kaci Franklin, our brand draws inspiration from a remarkable heritage deeply rooted in the candle-making industry.

With a name that harkens back to the pioneering spirit of Benjamin Franklin, Orion's journey into candle-making began with a passion ignited in recent years, sparking a dedicated pursuit to craft scents that kindle cherished memories.

Kaci, known for her meticulous expertise in accounting and finance, discovered the captivating world of candles through Orion's dedication to the craft. Together, they embraced a shared vision, infusing each candle with the essence of their unwavering dedication and love.

With every enchanting flicker, Franklin Candles illuminates spaces, creating a captivating ambiance that elevates your moments. From the mesmerizing fragrance to the elegant vessels, every detail reflects the artistry and love of our family.

Embrace the spirit of innovation and immerse yourself in the legacy of light as you explore the enchanting flicker that Franklin Candles has to offer. Join us on this scented journey, where tradition meets contemporary artistry, and let our candles illuminate your world with their enchanting allure.